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At Grayling Agency, we specialize in one thing. Creating and optimizing high-value Facebook & Instagram Ad Funnels that generate a scaleable ROAS for your company.

Our work: Facebook &Instagram Paid Advertising

At Grayling Agency, we specialize in creating advanced marketing campaign funnels designed to bring your business and your brand the highest ROI possible from the money you invest in Facebook Ads. Our goal is to work as an extension of your growth team.

We offer the support and professional guidance your company needs to grow through Facebook Paid Advertising. Whether it’s direct sales or lead generation, we have the experience and expertise to generate positive ROAS.

We specialize in one thing: Facebook &

Instagram Ads Management and Optimization.

Facebook owns Instagram and together, they are the biggest source for online display advertising in the world. More advertising views are generated by Facebook/Instagram than its next three largest competitors combined. With over 1 billion global users, and an the average user that spends 7 hours every month on the social network… the market for your product or service is endless.

This means with Facebook Ads, you can find and WILL find your ideal target audience and get your offer in front of the eyes that matter. It also means that you can use Facebook traffic to increase your sales volume by an enormous amount at one-third the cost of Google PPC ads.

But if it were as easy as it sounds, you wouldn’t be here, looking for a professional agency to help you manage the complex web of pixel architecture, conversion tracking, bidding optimizations, creative formats, placement exclusions… the list goes on and on.

How we generate positive ROAS: FacebookInstagram Ad Funnels for Growth

When you partner with Grayling Agency, we help you sculpt the buying experience from first click to check out and into customer loyalty initiatives, so your customers get the best experience possible from your brand and service.

We do this by designing, building, executing and optimizing, “The Facebook Paid Advertising Funnel.” Ads Funnels is the “in-crowd” buzz word in the digital advertising community, and really across all digital marketing channels in general.

It’s a simple formulation, with a complex execution. If done right, a well optimized Facebook Ads Funnel equates to trackable growth for your company, but in general a “funnel” is just that…

We have a proprietary approach to breaking each of these steps down and serving the perfect ad to your buyer in each stage. When you partner with us, your Facebook Ads Specialist will help you identify each of the audiences above and build on the data we generate every single month to optimize the buying experience and increase your ROAS.

Below you will find out how each of these “steps” in the end-consumer’s buying cycle plays out, and what they mean for your business and the people that manage the money you invest into Facebook Ads.

Below is a rough sketch of what we do at Grayling Agency, and should be included in any proposal for Facebook Paid Ads Management you or your company fields. Make sure you’re up-to speed.

Top of Funnel Ads

This is where we discover new audiences with a high affinity for your services or products.

Top of Funnel ads are designed to discover high-value, “growth” audiences matched to within 1% of your current client list. With this matching algorithm, we are able to serve your brand or company offering to the highest matching audiences available on Facebook. This cold traffic audience fills the pipeline of our ads and is segmented through the next tiers of offers. By matching the audiences to within 1% of your ideal clients, we ensure a high volume of thru-put to the retargeting advertising that comes further down the funnel.

Bonus? All traffic is tracked and pixeled by artificial intelligence so that as we distribute your ad budget, our ads (and your acquisition costs) become less expensive… starting day #1.

Middle of Funnel Ads

The success of these ads is directly correlated to the ads we run at the top of the funnel.

Without a team that can work with your company through your complete, digital sales-cycle, this will be the first place your ads become more expensive and less effective at bringing in new business and clients for your company.

MOF ads in the Three Tier Facebook Funnel are for audiences that have already been “brought in” to the company culture or products. At this stage of the funnel, we want to educate your “warm audience” with the value ad of your product or service and we want to get them to revisit the product page and/or collect an offer to be redeemed when they convert and become a new, paying customer.

Bottom of Funnel Ads

Omni-Channel (re)Marketing at it’s finest

This is where we will see our highest ROI per campaign as these are customers or clients who are ready to purchase your service or product.

At the bottom of the funnel, once we have captured your new audience in the TOF and educated them (or brought them back into your brand’s culture) with MOF ads, we ask for the sale or the lead. At Grayling Agency, we specialize in working across channels to bring in positive ROI on your ad money, and to that end, we work seamlessly with your current marketing initiatives whether they are on solely Facebook Ads based or running parallel with LinkedIn, GoogleAdwords. We can help your team schedule sales or prospect calls, we even support for in-store events. At the BOF stage, all audience data is available for use in your other platforms and almost always lowers acquisition costs across the board in ALL channels.

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