About Us

We create the human-sculpted, machine-optimized buying experience your 21st century customer has come to expect.

At Grayling Agency, we specialize in building and managing the complex Facebook and Instagram Ads that produce transparent results designed to grow and action your customer base. We partner with your company to uncover high-value, revenue-focused audiences so we can expand the social acquisition channels for your products and services. We do one thing and one thing only: paid social advertising. All day, every day we are managing our client’s ads with one goal: grow their businesses; whether that’s direct sales or B2b lead generation, our company is laser focused and driven by data.

From first click to checkout, we know all the pitfalls and data breaks where your Facebook funnels could and will break without professional guidance. We work every day in optimizing the best ads and audiences to generate a positive return on your investment into Facebook and Instagram Facebook Paid Ads. We generate the most revenue possible while minimizing ad-burn. Our agency is built on ROAS.

With over 1 Billion users globally, Facebook, and Facebook Ads are here to stay. The beauty of working with Grayling Agency is that we help carefully sculpt the interplay between TOF ads, MOF ads and BOF conversion ads and help company control the buying experience from end to end. You can be sure your customers get the content and the support they need at exactly the right point in the buying cycle, and we insure sure their entire journey is an enjoyable, authentic, brand-centric experience.

When considering bringing your products or service to the realms of Facebook Paid Advertising, be sure you understand the basics of a high-value Facebook Ads Funnel. And be sure to ask the right questions when interviewing your prospective agencies.