Creative Solutions

When it comes to streamlining your digital initiatives, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, but we’ve got the experience to make the process cost-effective and fast.

Problem: You are running Google PPC, Quora, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, plus other distribution channels to grow your company and your bottom line.

You have a CRM for tracking customers and an email automation platform and sales teams and project managers, etc, etc, etc. How can they all function together coherently while increasing ad budgets across the board?

Luckily, at Grayling Agency, we have the experience and the human assets you need to make sure your ad spends, CRMs and the human resources on your team are all aligned to make the most of your marketing revenue.

Our team streamlines everything in your tech and marketing stack to make sure all of your platforms and data play nicely together so we can help track ad spends and ROAS effectively.

Other Services

Instagram Advertising
Revenue from brands advertising on Instagram is projected to hit 10 Billion USD by the end of 2019.

Video Advertising
Businesses and brands who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Mobile Advertising
95.1 percent of active Facebook user accounts accessed the social network via a mobile device.

Direct Sales Facebook Funnels
Use your advertising budget to increase your bottom line and deliver ads where they work. 

B2B Lead Gen Facebook Funnels
Generate more prospect calls for your sales team and increase brand awareness.

B2C Lead Gen Facebook Funnels
Generate more customer inquiries for your sales team and expand your business.

Audience X Facebook Funnels
Explode ROAS projections by finding high-value audiences and getting those audiences to convert.